CISML Collaborates and engages reputable Institutions, Corporations and Governments to develop, deliver and implant Strategic Management, Leadership and Governance Practices that drive Corporate Strategic Change, Advantage and Sustainable Performance Excellence: CISML Offerings Include:
• Tailored Strategic Planning/Retreat Felicitation
• Strategic Change and Performance Solutions
• Strategic Leadership and Governance Solution
• Offshore/International Training Retreats and Workshops.



Research shows that employers rate internally qualified and apprenticed executives far more employable and retainable than externally recruited workers.
The Chartered Earning Apprenticeship Degree Scheme (C.E.A.D.S) is designed in consultation with diverse range of employers, higher educational institutions, business schools, consultants and top employees.
Therefore, C.E.A.D.S activities are carefully tailored to strategically fit into the specific requirements for a workplace performance excellence and career fulfillment.


1. The CORPORATE C.E.A.D.S Partnership typically takes three years but can be less or more depending on the prior experience of the employee and the level of the Chartered Award and Degree Programme.
2. CISML’s Higher Institution/Business School partners provides appropriate Management Education on a part-time or open programme model to the employee.
3. Employers Apprenticeship Commitment Contract – which sets out provisions for Employers – Employees roles, conditions and terms including for example,how long the employee will serve the employer,whether or not he/she will repay any costs if he/she leaves the employer or drops out of the scheme before the end of the agreed service period,will be carefully drafted.
4. CISML provides bespoke, structured professional development programme that suits both the employee and the employer.
These development activities will include online learning application of his knowledge and skills to strategically managing issues as Strategic Managers and Leaders, and how these contributions are impacting on the organization’s overall performance.
5. Employers Continual Supports: The employer should provide full ongoing supports to the earning learner.
Their line managers should work closely with CISML and Higher Institution Partner to ensure that the apprentice’s workplace activities are reasonably linked to and aligned with their educational course-work and CISML Professional Development Activities.
6. Assessments of earning apprentices are on ongoing bases and the scheme is completed after they have achieved both their management degree and Chartered Strategic Management Practitioners License.


Enhances your organization’s ability to attract and retain star performing staff.
Enables you to train and develop your employees with very low budget.
Increases employee’s productivity and performance impact, thus improving operational cost savings.
Values obtained from the scheme far exceed the investment.
Helps employers educate, train and develop their performing pool of management executives while earning and growing on their jobs.
Helps employers to multiply superior managers and leaders throughout their organizations.


Generally, the C.E.A.D. Scheme helps the managers to achieve performance excellence in their work roles, earn both CISML Chartered Status and quality degree while increasing in their earning and advancing their career.
1.Employees gain world class management education and quality degree.
2Employees enjoy work based learning and earning.
3.Employees receive top class professional development and assessment that leads to the membership of CISML and Licensing as Chartered Strategic Management Practitioner, at appropriate level.
5.Programmes are very flexible and accessible: They are studied part-time and are open to both graduate, undergraduate and diploma candidates.

1. Prospective partners and employers should assess and identify management skills needed and human resources gaps.
2. Consider the organization’s ability and commitment to fully support earning apprentices to achieve both management degrees and CISML’s membership and Chartered Strategic Management Practitioners License.
3. Employ Appropriate Earning Apprentices, protecting your relationships with well drafted commitment contract.
4. Consider and select the most suitable Higher Institution or Business School for the provision of management education and degrees to meet your needs and objectives.
5. Register and enroll your new recruits or existing managers or encourage them to register and enroll with both the selected higher Education Institution/Business School and with CISML.
6. Organize an appropriate induction programme for your earning apprentices. Induction should be done in conjunction with the management education provider and Chartered Institute of Strategic Managers and Leaders to achieve maximum impact.
7. Continual Management Support Employers should provide the earning apprentices with needed internal supervision from line managers, co-operations with Higher Institution Partners and CISML to ensure best outcome.
8. Continuous Assessment and Completion of Scheme: The C.E.A.D Scheme is completed after the earning apprentice has achieved both the management degree and Chartered Strategic Management Practitioners License.


There are national and international funding incentives for small business employments and graduate apprenticement participations that employers can approach and receive incentives.


Contact the Registrar/CEO of CISML Global Secretariat or International Professional Affiliate in your country or Accredited Qualifying Institution or Approved Learning Centre or Approved Associate Assessors, closest to you.